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The Very Definition of Cancer
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Thank you Sega for releasing Passion & Pride so I can lynch the “Unknown from M.E.” acapella to death

when ylvis makes a song in english, they deliver.


Skyfall + Tumblr

iamvishnu I do the same thing. I always used L for shield/roll and z-grabbing makes me try R first to grab.

iamvishnu replied to your post “I just got up from playing the Smash4 beta for a little under an…”

same. been playing nonstop villager. this is gonna be good.

I was switching between villager and mega man every now and then. I cannot wait to play the other newcomers

I just got up from playing the Smash4 beta for a little under an hour.

Oh my god I cannot wait for the full game.



Oh god the Cheetah pictures sold it





how does porn make money if i can literally just search free porn

How do musicians make money when you can literally just download free music?

Musicians make a lot of money from touring

when’s the last time you went to a live porn concert

yesterday with ur mom

Ad revenue. The death of your joke is Ad revenue

To elaborate on that last post, simply adding more speakers doesn’t fix the issue. Apple needs to make its users want their product for its quality and functionality, not its status.

Put music controls on the side of the phone, previous pause/play next. Work your external speaker into the apple logo on the back, and improve it.

Develop a headset, like beats only not shit. Possibly develop a new (note: actually new, not just new to your users) connectivity system that doesn’t deteriorate audio quality or frequently disconnect, that only /your/ QUALITY wireless headphones can use. Hell license it out to other companies after a while for 3rd party usage.

Improve iTunes to include a spotify-like, optional subscription music streaming system. Include a song search system like shazam, and allow direct purchase from this service into your iTunes library.

Make your phone-that-plays-music into a music-device-that-makes-calls. Make people want to use it for its superior audio systems. Right now people are jumping ship because all you do is copy 3-year-old systems from your competitors.

myownlittlepinkworld look up project ara. It’s what has me hyped right now.

If apple wants to step out of being laughably overshadowed by android and windows though, they need to quit trying to feature-compete and come up with something original for them. They broke into the mobile market with a focus on music, they should design hardware and software with music in mind. One shitty external speaker on the bottom of the device is a disgrace considering it started out as an mp3 player.